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Il Viottolo

Il Viottolo - Isola d'Elba

Cell. +39 329 7367100

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 About us

For more than ten years Il Viottolo excursion centre has been organising outdoor holidays which unite discovering our Islands (from a cultural, archaeological, historical and naturalistic point of view), with sporting challenge and the spirit of adventure, sharpening the senses and increasing knowledge, harmonising with the island environment.  We propose hiking, sea kayak, mountain bike and sailing excursions for small groups of a maximum of 8 people, small so we can create a group feeling among the participants.  The guides, who accompany you, are all passionate about their work and profoundly tied to our territory.  Elba is our island the place where we live and carry out the largest part of our activity.  Remaining faithful to our philosophy, we have developed our programmes to include other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica.

We will guide you in the various activities, letting you admire the pristine rich natural life, discover traces of thousands of years of history and get to know the culture of a population which over the centuries has absorbed cultural and genetic influences from all of the civilisations developed around the Mediterranean.

We prefer to accompany you in small groups (maximum 8 people) on our excursions, thus we get out of the cold guide/client pattern, we will let you discover and get to know Elba told by who lives on it and knows its customs and traditions.

Our Philosophy:
Elba reveals its secrets only to those who accept its rhythms and listens to its silences.  Our daily life is completely full of commitments, information, deadlines, programmes… The Viottolo philosophy is to lighten, eliminate, slow down, put in pauses and silences, to return to our senses, to rhythms suitable for man’s nature; a return to the “origins”. Viottolo is for anyone who is dissatisfied with the usual “road” that we follow, as fast as possible, to get to our conclusion, and wants to leave it and walk on the “viottolo” (pathway) and become a complete part of it as you go along.  A “viottolo” is a small path cut to reach places that are difficult to get to, often passing through pleasant, fascinating, mysterious country.  A path to follow slowly and get to know, to discover and re-discover, not to arrive at the destination, but to live and enjoy the rhythms of nature through ones’ senses, finding day or night time rhythms, adapting to environmental and weather conditions, searching for an undamaged and full emotions.
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