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Elba in mountain bike

Elba Explorer on a mountain bike

Two days on a mountain bike on the roads and paths of Elba

 2013 Dates

 22/24 february 2013
 30 march/01 april 2013
 19/21 april 2013
 17/19 may 2013
 27/29 september 2013
 25/27 october 2013

 Other dates available for groups of a minimum of 12 people

 Price€180 per person (€ 220 at Easter and national holidays)

The package includes: 2 days of guided mountain bike excursions as programme, 2 nights half board in a 3 star hotel, return passenger and mountain bike ferry ticket, insurance and technical assistance during the excursions.

The package does not include: the return journey from your place of departure to Piombino, return ferry passage for cars, drinks at meals, all lunches, extras and anything not specified in the entry “The package includes”.

Elba Explore on a mountain bike with the freedom of accommodation in apartments (only overnight stay): Two roomed apartment 4 bed places €129 per person (€ 165 at Easter and national holidays)


Friday: arrival in hotel, accommodation in rooms or apartment, dinner and meeting with your guide who will describe the route.

Saturday: breakfast. Full day excursion 09.00 - 16.30. Dinner, overnight stay.

Sunday: breakfast.  Half day excursion 09.00 - 13.00.  Departure.

Note: The groups of cyclists will be divided up according to ability so that everyone can enjoy the trip.

The divisions are the following:
Pernici (partridge): reduced route, pace: tourist level
Lepri (hare):
full route avoiding single track
Cinghiali (wild bore):
entire route



Itinerary: Marina di Campo-M.Perone-S.Piero-Marina di Campo-M.Orello-Lacona- M.Tambone Marina di Campo.
Place of departure and arrival: Marina di Campo.
Environment: scrubland – Mediterranean maquis – woodland
Distance: km 57,7
Total heigh difference: mt 1645.
Time: 4-6 hours.

Route of the West Elba Grand Competition, the most important mountain bike race on Elba described as a tourist cycling tour on a mountain bike.

Our excursion departs from Marina di Campo’s seafront promenade, after 1.5 km we enter a dirt track road, just after the “stop” we turn right and after 15 metres, at the end of the bridge, we turn left following a narrow path which coasts the Foce ditch, we are on flat land and surrounded by canes. The path takes us to a tarmac road, continuing only a short distance and just before a bridge (km 2.9 signed mtb), we turn right at the crossroads, we reach the provincial road, after having crossed it (km 3,9) we begin to go up a dirt track road towards Solane, there are some fine views, the road has a good surface and runs half way up the slope and is set in Mediterranean maquis.  We get near Sant Ilario (200 m asl) and we turn right into a steep climb (CAI path n° 5 - km 8.9) which takes us to Monte Perone (630 metres).  On reaching the summit we begin to descend towards Marina di Campo on the tarmac road till we get to CAI path n° 90 – (km 14.7 - 577 m asl – turn right) this takes us to Castagnone spring.  The path is at first steep and technical, after a few hundred metres it changes into a fast descent, rich in bumps, under a holm oak and pine wood, this will thrill descent lovers.  On reaching Piane al Canale, an airy 500 metre high plateau, we turn right in front of the National Park board (sign direction San Piero), a spectacular road on a fire break that descends towards Marina di Campo gulf giving us the great sensation of diving into the sea.  At the end of the fire clearing line we enter a beautiful single track  path, (direction San Piero).

The path finishes in the town of San Piero.  After crossing the borough a steep and technical lane (signed mtb) brings us back to Marina di Campo, we have travelled 21.5 kilometres but now the main altitude difficulties are behind us, we follow the route of the first trip to km 27, from here we continue straight ahead along an easy path which takes us to the start of Literno valley, having crossed the tarmac road we cycle right, after about a kilometre the road becomes dirt track, from here we begin to ascend along a shady dirt track road that takes us towards the Colle Reciso quarries (km 34 - 200 m asl), on reaching the provincial road we turn left, direction Portoferraio and straight away right (direction Hotel Picchiaie).  We continue on dirt track towards Monte Orello with below us, on the right, a stupendous view of Portoferraio and its Medici fortifications.  Once at km 37 of our excursion, we enter the forest track of Monte Orello (direction riding stables) with a soft reddish surface.  Just like Calamita, Monte Orello is a real labyrinth of roads and paths.  We continue along the main track, we go over the top of the hill (350 metres) after km 39 of the excursion.  The descent towards Lacona is wide and fast and presents cyclists with a fantastic view of the Stella and Lacona gulfs.  We return onto the provincial road at Km 42, towards Lacona, we follow the tarmac road for 3 kilometres then we turn left into the Laconella road (signpost Laconella km 46.3, CAI path n°47), which brings us up to 345 metres on Monte Tambone, the last effort of this trip.  The road which climbs towards Monte Tambone has both hard parts and flat stretches and ignoring all crossroads we reach the top of the hill at km 52.3 (302 m asl).

Having reached the summit, we go down along a steep easy descent which brings us above Fonza gulf from here, after a short climb, a final stretch of descent brings us to Locality Segagnana.  Here we turn right into a path (km 56), after a kilometre we get to the Marina di Campo cycle track – an excursion of 57.7 kilometres.



Route: S.Ilario - Marciana M Perone - S.Ilario
Distance: 26,3 km
Total high difference: m 711
Highest point: 630 m
Distance on bike: total
Interest: historical, naturalistic, panoramic
Time: 3 hours

Leaving from the square of Sant Ilario (200 m asl) we take a dirt track road (to the right of the sports ground) and we keep to this main track until we get to the Colle Reciso crossroads (km 2.5 – 180 m) where we turn right into a shady dirt track road that passes nearby the small Santa Rita church.  This track takes us to the crossroads with the “Buon Consiglio” (“Good Advice”)  road, (km 5.2 – 230 m), keeping to the left and after a short piece of tarmac we head into (km 6.9 – 230 m) a stupendous paved path surrounded by magnificent ferns, the best part is when we cross a small stone bridge, the path finishes at the start of the medieval borough of Poggio (km 8.3 – 330 m asl).
Leaving the town, we stop to quench our thirst at Napoleon’s spring, (km 8.9 – 300 m) and then continue for a brief stretch on a tarmac road taking us to Marciana (km 11.3 – 350 m asl).  We go up to the higher part of the town and after passing by the splendid fortress built in 1200, we go up and round two tight hairpin bends and onto the forestry track (km 23.2 - 418 m asl – CAI path n° 6), which is shaded by pines and chestnut trees and crosses the Pedalta valley (with its jogging track).
After about one kilometre we find a bar across the road, with a forbidden sign for motor vehicles, we continue till we find on our left a large anti fire pond, here the road becomes a path with a brief but technical descent.  We pass over a small granite bridge and re-ascend ignoring the turning to the left until we reach the Saint Cerbone hermitage (km 16 – 531 m asl) built by Benedictine monks in 1421.

On leaving the hermitage there is a fast descent, first under chestnut trees and then under pine trees, that brings us nearby Poggio again (km 19.7 – 330 m asl), on joining the tarmac road we turn right in the direction of Monte Perone.
On arriving at the top of the hill (km 23.2 – 630 m asl) we turn left and then on reaching a wooden box we turn right (CAI path n° 5 direction San Ilario) here we enter a beautiful path with a technical descent, full of bumps, which overlooks almost all of the island and on the clearest days the islands of Pianosa, Montecristo and Giglio, this brings us back to the picturesque village of S. Ilario (km 26.3 – 200 m asl).
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