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Multi sport cruise

Elba e Arcipelago Toscano - crociera multisport,

Eight days on a sailing boat cruising between the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.


Stops in some of the most beautiful and striking places, where you can do hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and snorkelling excursions.

 2013 dates:
dates on request (min. 6 people)
The cruise is made with groups of a maximum of 8 people, it can be booked individually.
 price: € 890 per person

The price includes: 8 day cruise with skipper, guided excursions in the varies activities every day, use of kayaks, return passenger ferry ticket to Elba, 7 overnight stays in 4 en suite double bed Cabins, all transfers on the Island of Elba (until 8 persons), insurance, technical assistance during the excursions.  IT DOES NOT INCLUDE USE OF MOUNTAIN BIKES.
The package does not include: the return journey from departure place to Piombino, any car ferry tickets, all meals, use of mountain bikes, any entrance to museums, parks or similar even where scheduled in the programme, extras and all that is not specified in the voice “The package  includes”.

Multi sport cruise programme:

(The cruise leaves from the Island of Elba and the programme is planned taking into consideration wind and sea conditions.)

1st day – Island of Elba – Porto Azzurro.




2 pm appointment at Marina di Campo harbour: The skipper will be waiting for you on board “No Problem”, for the multi sport cruise in the Tuscan Archipelago. We cast of the ropes and leave, the Maestrale wind (north-west) will push us in the direction of Calamita point: with our sailing boat we will navigate among the Islands of the Archipelago, with stops in some of the most beautiful and striking places, where you can do hiking, sea kayaking, mountain biking and snorkelling excursions.  As we move away from Elba’s south-east coast a feeling of well being rises in us along with the wind.  We breathe, together with the main sail, an unbelievable feeling of freedom that can only be found on a sailing boat with its silence orchestrated by the sea and the wind.  The elegant outline of Montecristo grows on the horizon, it looks like a volcano cone, but is a mountain of granite.  Montecristo is a wild island, 645 metres high, it is a total nature reserve, here you cannot disembark or sail round the island within 1 mile of the coast, only two people live there.  There is a strong temptation to take to the kayaks, but knowing how important respect of these rigid constraints is, we continue sailing towards the Island of Giglio.  As we are here for sport, as soon as we arrive on Giglio we take the mountain bikes and pedal as far as Castello, to enjoy the sunset from the defensive ramparts, then we return to the port.  A shower and then dinner in a wonderful restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea.


2nd day – Island of Giglio.

A lazy awakening, the day is dramatically flat for sailing, but ideal for kayaks: we put them into the sea and begin the trip: we will go round the island in an anti-clockwise direction, moving through granite rocks that have been worked by the wind. Paddling we reach the small Arenella beach, then the lighthouse at Punta del Fenaio.  We continue towards Punta delle Secche, where the heat and very transparent sea means we have a swim….  Starting to paddle again, we head in the Medici Tower direction, this is at the start of Campese beach, the largest on the island.  Rounding the beautiful Faraglione point, a light maestrale (north-west) breeze pushes us from behind….We get to Punta del Capel Rosso, here there is Giglio’s other lighthouse: the bitter environment and the absence of other boats makes rounding the point even more striking.  We head along the eastern coast: the steep cliffs are broken at Caldane beach, we stop  and some tourist, curious about the kayak fleet, come over to see us.  After half an hour we set out and as we get near the town the coast becomes softer and there are some vineyards: rounding the Scole rocks we enter the port.  It’s 5 pm when we load our kayaks on board our boat, and set sail pointing the bow towards Elba again.  After about six hours sailing we enter Fetovaia bay, one of the most beautiful and famous on Elba.  It’s midnight when we meet in the galley and while enjoying the peace of the night we discuss the next day’s programme: a kayak and mountain bike excursion on Pianosa, an evening jazz concert. 


3rd Day – Isola d’Elba – Fetovaia

 crociera multisport - Pianosa e la nuvola

We raise the sails and head off to the appointment with Domizia motor boat, the only one with authorisation to sail in Pianosa’s waters, this island is protected by stringent constraints. Just off Capo Poro the Domizia comes along side: with special corps speed we transfer on board and after a few minutes we enter the off limits area with the outline of Pianosa taking form and colour.  We enter the elegant but abandoned harbour, which immediately awakens the surreal and mysterious soul of the island in visitors.  We cross the town on foot and once we get to the beautiful Cala Govanna beach, we put the kayaks in the water and begin to paddle on a fantastically clear sea in a Northerly direction and head up the Eastern coast off Pianosa.  We go along the low coast, rich in Phoenician juniper and mastic trees.  Going ahead through the transparent water we near a small sea eroded grotto, and then we get to “the white cliff flats” where rough seas have deposited lots of sun bleached tree trunks.  After about forty minutes we arrive at the Scoglio della Lancia (rock), the sea is particularly beautiful, the seabed is of fine white sand and exalts the transparency and the colour of the blue water.  After rounding Punta Maestra, we enter the small “Cala dello Zolfo” and then we near Punta del Marchese, this imposing promontory is surrounded by flat salt incrusted rocks.  We pass the low lying rocks that surround the point and enter the spectacular bay of Porto Romano, the fine sand sea bed hides wrecks of the Roman era.  We continue our paddle trip along the coast and admire three large natural arches eroded by the sea, they remind us of the monumental architecture of lost civilisations.  After a four-hour excursion we return to Cala Giovana beach (the only one on Pianosa where bathing is allowed) where we have a fantastic swim.  After lazing about on the beach, we decide to take a bike trip: there are mountain bikes on the island, they are jealously held in the cellars of the abandoned ex penal colony, we take five and leave.  All the island, with the exception of the town, was a prison for many years.  Passing through the arch that delimits the prison area we begin to go round the southern side of Pianosa, shaded by pines.  Leaving the coast, we push inward crossing the fertile flat fields used for agricultural during the time the penal colony was active.  We pass by the barns, following a road surrounded by dry stone walls and get to the high security prison, a powerful agonising building which conditioned the last thirty years of prison history on Pianosa.  We continue westwards, surrounded by Mediterranean maquis: at a certain point, there appears in front of us, as if in a mirage, the small prisoners’ cemetery, built on the opposite side of the island from the town: it is a particularly touching place, of great mystique.  Returning to nearby the town, we pass through the remains of now abandoned vineyards, and enter the “free” zone.  At 10 pm, together with the few people on the island, we enjoy a jazz concert, while in the background, between Pianosa and Elba, a big cruise ship passes making the evening even more marvellous, like a Fellini film.  At the end of the show we take to the sea again and arrive at Marina di Campo forty minutes later: it is about 2 am when we return by tender to “No Problem”, to rest in the peaceful Galenzana bay. 

4th Day – Island of Elba – Galenzana

The day is even more beautiful than the one before and it is very hot: we decide to take two single kayaks to coast round the south west part of Elba, we visit “Grotta del Vescovo” and the “Grotta Azzurra”, and Fetovaia bay. We put the kayaks on board again and make route towards Corsica: there isn’t much wind but because the sea is flat we decide to take a longer route to look for Cetaceans who are often found in this area…unfortunately we don’t see either dolphins or whales.  Sailing slowly we return towards Elba, and after an hour of lazy navigation we get to the splendid Cala della Cotaccia (cove).  We put out the anchor and enjoy the sunset behind Corsica and Capraia.  In the quiet of the evening, the absence of wind and the full moon brings on the desire to put the kayaks into the water again for a night time paddle.  This is one of the most beautiful stretches of coast, with spectacular granite cliffs which drop into the sea forming fantastic figures it.  Everyone is interested in the night time trip and we take to the sea with the complete “fleet”: the long kayak forms turned silver by the moonlight, elegantly reflect in the sea.  Our senses are heighten in the dark: sounds amplified, even our speed seems faster, we can hear the noise of the hull and the push of the paddle.  On board again, with our muscles toned and salty, we enjoy some spaghetti in the stern galley… We spend the night in the Cala della Cotaccia.

5th Day – The Island of Elba – Cala della Cotaccia

9 am: the weather is similar to the day before, this morning we want to go by kayak to the Grotta del Papa, to do some snorkelling in the dark tunnels inside the grotto. After twenty minutes paddling we get to the grotto, there is a very narrow entrance to this grotto and it is difficult to enter, but on passing through the narrow canal, the space inside is surprisingly vast.  The half darkness, the multi-coloured incrustations on the rocks, along with the water infiltration make this grotto particularly striking.  Its still water creates a sheet of glass effect which exalts the fantastic polychrome colours of the sea bed.  In the dark tunnels we find transparent shrimps with fluorescent eyes and a gigantic conger eel with a hypnotic look, Marzia uses her torch to draw my attention to an enormous hermit crab, with a spectacular amber shell, it looks like it has just come out of a picture in an old Jules Verne book.  After coming out of the grotto we heat ourselves up in the sun and get to the rocks at Sant’Andrea where we have a swim among saddle bream and white bream.  Returning aboard we once more prepare to search for some cetaceans.  1 pm, flat calm and asphyxiating heat, a shoal of dolphins nears us.  Maila is the first to act and tries to photograph the dolphins, Paolo mockingly smiles, they are too far away to be decently photographed.  Finally around 6 pm the wind arrives, subtly at first, then more and more evident and finally there is a fresh breeze: the boat acquires dynamism and power transmitting energy and vitality to all the crew.  We head out northward in the direction of the Island of Capraia and get to the Elban port of Marciana Marina where we spend the night. 

6th Day – Island of Elba – Marciana Marina
7 am and we are already on a bicycle seat, that is me, Marzia, Maila and Cristina; Arianna, Lucio and Paolo join us in the early afternoon on the summit of Elba, coming up by cable cabin.  From Marciana Marina port we peddle up to the departure point of the cable cabin.  We ascend on foot in this unusual environment for an island: there is a more mountain type atmosphere, near the summit we see numerous mouflons (a type of wild sheep) on the rocks.
We enjoy a beautiful view from the summit of the Archipelago, running from the Tuscan coast to Corsica taking in all the islands of the Archipelago.  Collecting our mountain bikes we throw ourselves into the descent: the initial double bends are steep and narrow, the descent offers a breathtaking zoom effect view, with Elba quickly widening below us.  We cross the small borough of Poggio with its granite steps and then following a cool path surrounded by ferns we return to the port.
7th Day – Isola d’Elba – Marciana Marina
9 am: we set sail towards Viticcio: on arriving in the bay, we put the kayaks into the sea and we go to visit the choreographic “Grotta dello Sbruffo” (Spray).  After rounding Capo Enfola, we get to the white Sansone beach, where we get onto “No Problem” again.
We sail eastward, passing below the Medici fortifications of Portoferraio, and continue until we round Capo Vita where we begin our cruise around the islands of Topi, Palmaiola and Cerboli.  In the evening we enter Rio Marina port.
8th Day – the Island of Elba – Porto Azzurro

8.30 am: this morning, after leaving our boat, we go, by mountain bike, into Rio Marina’s mineral park. Eastern Elba has a mineral heritage of exceptional historical and geological importance, the mining of the iron mineral began with the Etruscans and it continued for more than two thousand years of history, modelling the territory.  We enter, crossing an enormous and strongly coloured mining site, then continue peddling along pink paths in a surreal environment, meeting rusty carcasses of enormous caterpillars and excavators.  We head into a technical path that leads to descent shafts, then we go up as far as Giogo fortress on Mount Giove, from here we can admire all the mining area.  We descend again, surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, to the old engine shedding.  Peddling we get never-ending glimpses of spectacular views, the colours are exalted by the contrast between the bloody earth and the blue of the sea and the sky, we reach “Martian” countryside at Monte Calendozio mines, where we go wild in this enormous “half-pipe” of minerals.  With our bikes shining with mineral specks, we return to the boat and leave to go towards Porto Azzurro where we end our intense week of sport and nature among the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

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